Operational Overview

Innovative Golf Management Services has some very clear strategies and objectives to assure operational success for clients. Our utmost concern is the protection of the golf course asset through sound business practices and professional agronomic activities.

1-Minimize Financial & Asset Risk

IGMS brings a proven track record of sound fiscal management. Gross revenue and net income will improve as a result of implementing new operational and marketing programs, realizing company incremental efficiencies, and executing cost effective capital improvement projects. IGMS brings a high professional standard to the operation of our facilities; we are involved in National professional organizations and utilize known professional standards. The protection and enhancement of your asset is our primary concern.

2-Customer Service & Retention

Customers vote with their pocketbooks and know when a facility is worth their time and money. Customer service means providing our customers something that they didn’t know that they wanted, within the financial capabilities the facilities possess.

3-Staff Training

Providing this innovative customer service requires a commitment to comprehensive employee training. Possibly the most critical of all management functions is the recruitment and development of quality personnel.

Our fundamental strength comes from our people. They provide us with our basic competence, bringing the basic skills and technical know-how required to manage and develop and produce those services. It is the degree of support we provide our people that ultimately determines the degree of strength IGMS has relative to its competition.

ISGM’s programs for recruiting, training, compensating, appraising, and promoting people is tied to our companies values, goals and objectives.  It is critical to recognize the skills that support our companies objectives.  Hiring, orientation and training programs will be developed to complement our companies strategies and core competencies.

Our employees will know what is expected of them and they will be encouraged to discover new ways to make the golfer’s experience special. Every single employee has an opportunity to impact a customer. Once employees understand this, they are much more likely to take pride in their jobs, whether they are clerks or managers. IGMS considers every employee an integral part of the team.

For the local player, it is about seeking their opinions and perspective to make sure that we are satisfying all segments of the market. For our out-of-town guests,” it is about presenting an experience that has people coming to community to play the course.”

4-Facility Maximization

The more that the facility can be utilized, the more that incremental efficiencies can improve the bottom line. Early observation and tentative plans include:

  • Encourage a sense of “ownership” by our frequent guests through strong men’s and ladies leagues with multiple association tournaments and activities
  • Provide a strong junior program to assist with youth development and positive self improvement.
  • Support opportunities for targeted communities to enjoy golf fellowship and/or learn the game of golf, through our innovative family golf program.
  • Review the use of the clubhouse for optional operational activities, especially at times when golf volume is low.


The first step in marketing programs must be centered on initially identifying and then meeting the expectations and vision of the customer. Next is the development of strategies to meet those needs. IGMS is very proud of our dynamic marketing approach that is developed in team meetings where we actively solicit and nurture employee and customer ideas. Examples of our more innovative programs include:

  • Innovative fee structure management to maximize rounds with high net return
  • Exclusive arrangement with a cab company to provide round-trip complimentary taxi service from all local hotels for the business traveler
  • Complimentary golf tournament for all front-desk staff/ managers at local hotels to ensure a recommendation as a “place to play”
  • Implementation of family golf nights and a strong junior program that are high in perceived value and low in cost
  • Use of Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and other social networking sites to promote exposure for each facility
  • A dynamic and frequently updated website including detailed program information
  • Selective hosting of tournaments to maximize facility exposure at those times when play is slower
  • Actively cultivate media contacts
  • Select Google ad placements and search engine placement through key words

What this all means to the client is that we have the enthusiasm and a proven template to increase player traffic.

6-Long Term Gains

While the implementation of our policies, procedures, and business plan will ensure that the facility will become fiscally sound, working together toward a longer term contract will make it possible to provide capital investments with a deeper vision. Without question, at the end of the contract, each client has a refined set of operating procedures and a better facility through improvements. Our managers are excited to participate in improvements to increase the value of the experience for the customer. As we mentioned earlier, we are not interested in status quo but rather, “how can we make it better?”

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