Our Vision

Innovative Golf Management Services (IGMS) appreciates this opportunity to present the qualifications of our company for review. IGMS possesses the necessary knowledge, enthusiasm and experience that clients expect from a partner to manage, protect and optimize their golf course operations and return on investment.

IGMS is not interested in the “STATUS QUO” but rather, “how can we make it better”

The key to a successful operation is to create an environment whereby the financial requirements of the client, the recreational needs of the community, necessary infrastructure improvements of the golf course and the earnings potential of the facility have all been satisfied.

The following have been identified as imperative for success:

  • Implement a zero based budgeting process
  • Identify the market potential of each facility within the surrounding community
  • Utilize appropriate and effective marketing strategies to maximize both the number of customers and the revenue per round.
  • Recruit and retain employees through an intensive in house recruitment division and training.
  • Provide a friendly, positive experience at every point of the golfer’s visit, from beginning to end
  • Recognize that customers represent many unique segments, whose  expectation must be met with the capability of financially sustaining the business
  • Provide exceptional and consistent course conditions, through a sound agronomic program and planning.
  • Safeguard golf course infrastructure and provide cost-effective capital improvements with our construction and design division.
  • Build collaborative relationships in the neighborhood, schools, and community
  • Establish a strong junior program with an emphasis on participation
  • Provide continuous staff education and development at all levels of the organization
  • Sharing of equipment and labor resources between facilities


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