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The business principles utilized by IGMS could best be described as professional asset protection and maximization. The goal is to enhance income, reduce expenses and create personal accountability while enhancing course conditions and customer satisfaction.

Our ultimate goal is to maximize return to the client while ensuring the facility is positioned to grow earnings through a steadily increasing customer base coupled with cost containment. Again, our core values encompass appropriate course conditioning, customer service and the protection of the essential infrastructure.

  • Utilize one merchandising individual for all facilities thus saving on payroll and maximizing purchasing power.
  • Uniform Point of Sale/Accounting System installed at all locations improving communication and streamlining accounting practices. Detailed reports are generated and available to the accountant, owners and lender “on-demand” through the internet.
  • Marketing expertise including creation of email databases and social media.
  • Extensive media contacts create exposure for each facility.
  • Golf course improvement projects
  • Increased golf revenue due to professional reputation for quality golf course operations and collaborative interface with the Municipal, Provincial and National Golf Course Associations.
  • Economies of scale with respect to supply purchases, capital expenditures
  • Creating Positive community outreach by hosting informational meetings and answering  common questions or concerns.
  • Sharing of equipment resources that enhances profitability at each facility and allows capital resources to be used in other areas
  • Prioritize and implement capital improvement projects on the golf course to maintain long-term competitive viability and excellence.

“Providing exceptional course conditions and customer service is at the very core of our operational philosophy”


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