Business Processes

Management Practices, Review, Audit & Consulting

  • Review of operational procedures, policies and performance on a departmental basis
  • Review of financial statements, budgets, measurement benchmarks
  • Employee and management interviews, on site inspections and observation
  • Written report with observations, conclusions and recommendations

Golf Course Project Visioning & Proforma Development

  • Consulting with developers to ensure the project viability, positioning, branding and marketing
  • Development of pro forma financials for capital expenditures and operations
  • Development of human resource programs, manuals, hiring, training and supervision

Golf Facility Management for Ongoing or Distressed Properties

  • Providing facility management services for ongoing owners or trustees
  • Preparation for resale or redevelopment

Evaluation for Financing & / Or Resale

  • Review of financial statements, capital assets, and operations
  • Preparation of evaluation for financing, sale or restructuring

Team Building & Coaching

  • Presentation of workshops for departmental teams on teamwork, personal growth and        development, customer service
  • Coaching of management team members

Master Planning

  • Facilitation of Master Planning visioning sessions
  • Assessment of asset pool and operational benchmarks
  • Development of financial requirements, budgets  and timetables for implementation
  • Facilitation of stakeholder input sessions
  • Development of written Master Plan components and content

Operational Budgets

  • Identifying goals and objectives
  • Creating budget accountability measures

Hiring & Recruiting of Key Personnel

  • Development of needs analysis
  • Conducting search and short list development

Consumer & Trade Golf Shows & and Event Management

  • Management services for special events such as tournaments, fundraisers, consumer shows

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